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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How Deviants in Waknuk and people with Allergies are Discriminated against How Deviants in Waknuk and people with Allergies are Discriminated against Deviations are discriminated against in Waknuk. For example they would send anyone to the fringes who were not a norm because the didn't have a lot of acceptance. Also there was a horse called the great horse who wasn't granted a normal certificate because it was a abnormal size that's why it was called the great horse. How Deviations are Discriminated Against in Waknuk The group I chose is discriminatedby how people are not willing to accommodate ways to keep people with food allergies safe. Which is putting people with allergies at risk. Also how people lose their jobs due to the fact that they have allergies. People dont think they have same rights since there are different on the inside. They also have to have accommodations due to their allergies which sometimes people think is unfair that they're getting special attention. Sometimes for kids who have allergies get teased because they're different but I always thought that I wasnt different I was unique in my own way. How the Group I chose is discriminated against I find allergies most common along kids because usually when you're a really young when you find out that you have allergies. People can usually develop more allergies over time. Allergies are just when your body cant break down certain foods that most people can. Background Information on Allergies
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