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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Racial Profiling at the Airport ethnic-category/ The TSA has spent $1 billion on its flawed SPOT program, which was designed to catch terrorists strictly by watching their behavior. It doesnt work, has never worked, and never will work, but the government has seen fit to spend a billion dollars on it. Screening Passengers by Observation Techniques has been a failure from the start and its finally coming under fire.But the record of these behavior-detection officers is disappointing, to say the least: not a single terrorist nabbed. In fact, 16 passengers allegedly tied to terror plots passed 23 times through airports and not one was picked out of the crowd.And a federal watchdog agency, the Government Accountability Office, is warning that SPOTs miserable record probably wont get any better, at least any time soon. At a hearing on Capitol Hill last month, the GAOs Stephen Lord told lawmakers that the TSA has not completely validated the science behind SPOT or proved that it works in an airport environment even though the programs budget has grown 15 percent in five years, from $198 million in fiscal 2009 to a requested $227 million in fiscal 2013. With the muslim population in America growing, more and more people will be racially profiled. By: Makai Power According to the 2009 ACLU/Rights Working Group report, data regarding OFL obtained from the Department of Homeland Security show that:an astounding seventy-nine percent of the targets investigated were immigrants from Muslim majority countries. Moreover, foreign nationals from Muslim-majority countries were 1,280 times more likely to be targeted than similarly situated individuals from other countries. Incredibly, not even one terrorism-related conviction resulted from the interviews conducted under this program. What did result, however, was an intense chilling effect on the free speech and association rights of the Muslim, Arab and South Asian communities targeted in advance of an already contentious presidential election.
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