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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 In The Chrysalids by John Wyndam, Waknuk is a community throughly brainwashed by tribulation that causes the citizens to believe normality is the main focus in life Let's have a thorough understanding of HIV/AIDS situation and faced discrimination Let's listen to them in the dark about --Chen: HIV/AIDS patients Myself at that time also is to a certain level of first-class comprehensive hospital in downtown, is to see the uropoiesis surgical department, the doctor to help me to open a B to exceed, let me to do a B to exceed, then I went into the B ultrasonic room later, he may soon clear, then I'm perfunctory to help me do a little bit about the ultrasound, and soon I was out, Then later when I go, I also heard they said to change the sheets, change the sheets. Guo: HIV/AIDS patientsOnce I told him that I was the case, the doctor is perfunctory, just fobbed off the past of that kind of, or just give you some oral medications they departed, is delayed my illness, I was dragged more ill. I think I'm the communication between with them not ordinary a communication of doctor-patient communication, I feel like a criminal in the same feeling talking with a policeman, his will feel a little bit of fear, because I do think they are as a professional doctor, they can't understand this disease, and they are so eye to treat us with certain discrimination, who understand that we can be? A small number of hospitals for the surgical treatment for HIV/AIDS People in HIV/AIDS for a small operation she noted at the same time, doctors can't get rid of the fear, they lack of people with AIDS operation experience, and lack of targeted preventive measures. In infectious disease hospital, RongZai eating expensive disease-resistant poison, every day looking forward to come down the HIV virus in the blood and go to another had promised him to a hospital doing aneurysm surgery, , but the hospital doctor was certain that he could not come back, unless there had been no infectious virus. "Beijing youan hospital successfully for Thomas the psoas major abscess drainage surgery, but he didn't eliminate the issue, not orthopedic experts willing to he had surgery to remove bone tuberculosis. Low wang before labor surgery tested HIV positive, and she was a "special" care, no one is willing to be inoculated for her daughter, because the newborn also positive for HIV testing. Due to the problem of the immune system, HIV/AIDS patients is much higher than normal risk of infection complications. HIV/AIDS patients: the discrimination in the hospital Public welfare organizations invited last year to more than 30 enterprises of kunming to share the experience of AIDS, and hope that they provide job opportunities for patients or virus carriers, but in the end no one showed up and explain social employment discrimination is serious in patients with HIV/AIDS. While patients after treatment is can work less. ! If one day, hiv-infected people in one's hand is broken, go to a hospital dressing, frankly, he said to the doctor, I am HIV, please pay attention to disinfection. The doctor is very calm and other patients.If one day, an HIV infected people get a haircut, he said to the barber: I am GuanZi disease virus infection, please pay attention to disinfection. The barber and other guests are very quiet.The day is the success of AIDS festival, is all HIV and AIDS patients. The day will come. Do you know if the units now know that employees are people living with HIV, of at least eighty percent is bound to find a variety of reasons, he wouldn't say don't you because you got the disease, he may work ability not line, you or you don't fit for the job, looking for all kinds of excuses, you fired the, it is very likely. work The age of five AIDS orphans in Nicaragua Florcita talk to grandma in front of the door. Fear Florcita can infect AIDS, put pressure on the local school parents and students to the teacher, refused to allow her to go to school, In book Joseph, Aunt Harriet, and Sophie all have a different part in the issue of discrimination. Yet all three ended up dead in the end and that just proves why discrimination is so pointless. Yet the help she is looking for is not something Mrs. Strorm agrees with: "Nothing much! You have the effrontery to bring your monster into my house, and tell me it's nothing much!" Aunt Harriet is the sister of David's mother Mrs. Strorm. She enters the story half way through the book, where she goes to Mrs. Strorm seeking help. "Domestic has formed the vicious circle, HIV/AIDS medical staff, the more afraid of surgery, the more I cannot cognition of AIDS, the more don't understand AIDS, the more afraid of AIDS surgery." Many people may remember a few years ago sensation of the world "killer" AIDS case: a man named Jin Bo urban hiv-infected people in the United States, due to illness and suffering to the injustice, after losing health lost family love, friendship, love, and even lost their studies. Desperate he carried out a bold and crazy revenge plan, travel to northern Europe, with more than 200 Swedish women have sex, causes of 203 women infected with HIV/AIDS, which in turn, these women again in before the virus to others... Jin Bo eritrea's behavior is outrageous, but also a wake-up call to the society: respect .Although "killer" AIDS case is extreme, but if can not get the social care and respect people infected with HIV, Although "killer" AIDS case is extreme, but if can not get the social care and respect people infected with HIV, their rights can not get effective guarantee, , will inevitably lead to many hiv-infected people dare not openly or deliberately hide their illness, the spread of HIV will be underground and can not get timely prevention and control; Some people may therefore lose faith in life and self-indulgence, social discrimination against people with HIV, can turn into this group of hatred to the society. Don't let social death HIV/AIDS patients and refused to prejudice, discrimination, tolerant friendly starts from you
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