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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Compromise Conflict Compromise Conflict 1850 Compromise of 1850 The Compromise of 1850 was proposed by Henry Clay in 1850. It allowed California into the Union as a free state. The rest of theSouthwest was left open to slavery, basedoff of popular sovereignty. The Northerners were pleased about California's statehood as a free state, as well as the slave tradeending in Washington DC. The Southernerswere pleased by having the Utah and New Mexico territories being open to slavery, along with the strong Fugitive Slave Laws.This is a compromise because it left boththe North and the South content. 1852 Uncle Tom's Cabin Uncle Tom's Cabin is a novel written by Harriet Beecher Stowe in 1852. Itis a story about a slave named UncleTom and has a message about the cruelty of slavery. She published thishoping it would serve as a peacefulway to end slavery. Instead, it had the opposite effect. This is a conflict becausethe Northerners increased hostility andrefused to obey the Fugitive Slave Laws.The Southerners were offended by this,saying it was an insult to their way of life. 1854 Kansas- Nebraska Act The Kansas- Nebraska Actwas proposed by Stephan Douglas in 1854. It overturnedthe Missouri Compromise lineby organizing Kansas and Nebraskaterritories on popular sovereignty. Thisis a compromise because it let thepeople decide if it would be free or slav territory, rather than the government. Both the North and theSouth sent settlers to this areain an effort to influence the future status. 1856 Bleeding Kansas Many settlers from both the North and the South fled to Kansas following the KansasNebraska Act. In 1856, pro-slavery forces clashed withanti-slavery forces in Kansas.John Brown was on of the many people involved in this.The series of violent events make up "Bleeding Kansas." This is a conflict because it escalatedtensions between the two forcesand many people died during this. 1858 Dred Scott Decision In 1857, Dred Scott sued his master Sanford for freedom,arguing that havinglived with his owner in free territory, he was a free man.In 1858, the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 against Scott. The outcomes of the case includedslaves being denied their rightto sue because they weren't UScitizens. Enslaved people couldn't win freedom by living in free territory and the MO Compromise was ruled unconstitutional. This is a conflict because the ruling made free blacks to be looked upon in a negative way. Blacks were also enraged by this because they wanted freedom. The North was furious about the MO Compromise decision. 1859 John Brown's Raid In 1859, John Brown leda raid with slaves on Harper's Ferry, VA. Him along with 21 other men seizedthe federal arsenal and planned ondistributing weapons to slaves tostart a revolt. Brown was latercaptured and tried for treason.This is a conflict because Northernsviewed Brown as a hero and martyr.This event also shocked Southernersand spread the fear of a slaverebellion. 1860 Election of 1860 In 1860, Abraham Lincolnand 3 other candidates ranfor President. Shockingly tothe South, Lincoln was electedas President in April of 1860.The big support from the Northhelped him to win this election.This is a conflict because sinceLincoln was against slavery, Southerners feared he wouldget Congress to abolish slavery,His election resulted in SouthCarolina seceding from the Union. South Carolina Secedes Because of the election of 1860, South Carolina saw itas the time to separate fromthe Union and on December 20,1860, it did. This is a conflictbecause over the next sixweeks, other Southern statesfollowed in South Carolina's footsteps and seceded fromthe Union to form the Confederacy.This was the last step until theCivil War.
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