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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Elizabethan Culture Literature High Fragmentation Many plays still performed James I comes to power Elizabeth dies -Shakespeare created many English words and phrases adopted by the culture and used in other literature. -Shakespeare becomes popular, and his plays were performed in the Globe Theater. Hierachical system seen in Shakespeare's characters Low Appeal Elizabeth I acends to the throne Mary I dies Clothing -Upper class men and women wore large collars and elaborate clothes. Greater Functionality Shakspeare born England becomes a haven for the arts 1603 1564 500M activated devices so far World Market Share 58.6%Android 68%Android U.S. Market Share 33%iOS 17% iOS 34.3% iOS Last Quarter U.S. Sales 51.9%Android Designed by Mobile-Solutions 2013 Where is Android heading? The Android framework isn't limited to phones and tablets, and we've already seen it used to power devices such as cars, electronics, and industrial equipment. As more machines enter the android ecosystem, we will quickly see the barriers slip away between mobile and the world around us. 1558 Monarch Landowners Religious leaders Merchant Peasant Culture as seen in paintings Food and drink -Many drank ale because the water was unclean. -Many new world foods such as potatoeswere introduced. -Lower classes still wore simpler medieval clothing. This painting of Queen Elizabeth has a globe and an armada in the background showing the culture's outlook on expansion.This is also represented in Shakespeare's playswhich are set in many countries. -Shakespeare's character's reflected this type of dress. -Many of Shakespeare's characters also frequentlydrink ale.
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