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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Recruitment process checklist Check the former employees with:the HR Coordinator, the former direct manager and HR BP Posting 1. Use the correct template: with the company description, values, core&technical compentencies2. Select the pre-screening questions3. Uncheck the candidate alert for the manager4. After posting verify the announcement on to see if it looks ok Screening External vs Internal Candidates Verify the candidate experience on the job (min 12 months for or horizontal moves and 18 months for vertical moves) Verify when has the candidate applied (within 5 days fromposting) Verify the eligibility criteria:studies, experience, the necessary knowledge Verify the performance rating with the HR Coordinator Don't ask the salary expectations (only if isleasing employee) Verify the eligibility criteria:studies, experience, the necessary knowledge Check the salary expectations Confirm the answers from pre-screening questions If the candidate didn't apply through Taleo you must guide him to apply and verify the prescreening questions Closing the position 1. Make the offer after you check all the details: location,working location, direct manager etc. 2. Send the offer to the hiring manager, HR coordinator and Comp&Ben Coordinator in PDF format3. If the offer is accepted you need to cancel the recruitment announcement from career portal: ejobs/bestjobs.
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