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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The War on Drugs The Issue The US has a 'war' on drugs, which are often seen as a health and moral danger. Drug users anddealers are given harsh sentences, and many states have outlawed many drugs. This 'war' particularly effects poor and minority communities, which aremore likely to rely upon drug sales for income. Background The war began in 1971 with President Nixon, becausedrugs increasingly became associated with rebellion,political descent, and minorities. Who's Working On This? 1. LEAP2. Drug Policy Alliance End the War on Drugs and end the prohibition on drugs. Goals Successes Marijuana has been legalized in some states. Obstacles High incarceration rates of drug users, re-prohibiting some drugs Iron Triangle Interest Group:The Drug Policy Alliance Corporation:Big Pharma Congress: Sub-committee on Agriculture, Rural Development, Food, and Drug My Ideas If I were in charge of national policy, I would probably stop the 'War on Drugs'. I wouldn't legalizeall drugs, I would address the drug problem as a public health problem rather an a criminial one, becausebased on the evidence, that seems to be more effective. I would relocate the money and resources spent on police intervention for use in making addiction and mental health services more accessible to more people. I would also use this money to empower and develop poor communities, so that they will be less likely to rely on selling drugs in order to get by. In fact, a similar stance on this problem cut the drug use rate in Portugal in half.I think the 'safety net' in general is a pretty good idea idea with most social policy. However, there isn't such a thing in drug policy, just punishment and deterrence. Drug users face nothing but stigma, shame, and punishment, so it is difficult to resolve these problems for them.So really, having a safety net for users (such as rehab and lighter sentences) could only better the situation. If we didn't have a national debt, that wouldbe even more ideal, because we would have more resources to federally fund more rehab and prevention programs, Sources fe-whether-or-not-you-use-illegal-substances
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