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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 European Union Colombia The agreements generate more jobs and helps the growth of the economys. European Union Colombia Colombia Colombia Europe has a stable economy andliquidity for investmentin Colombia Redial the leadershipof Colombia in Latin America and strengthen the bonds of Colombia with aleading political power in the world. Ensure that Colombian firmscan gain access to European public procurement contracts without any discrimination. The main advantageof Colombia will be a cheaper access tothe EU market for bananas, shrimp and sugar. The agreement also ensures continued access free of customs duty to the European Union for many of the other products exported from Colombia. The agreement provides significantengagement with services,through a combination of positive and negative lists.The Colombian economywill benefit from local purchases (engineering, printing, etc.),innovative services and local employment that will provideEuropean service industries that operate and expand in the region. SERVICES Free Trade Agreement Colombia / European union As many people know Colombia is a country with great dioversidad European Union European Union Build relationships with internationalactors that can support Colombia's progress in national and internationalpromotion of human and trade union rights. "Colombia is in the midst of a process of change. It is transitioning from a country torn apart by internal conflictsto a spirited democracy complete with a functioning rule of law."GUENTER VERHEUGEN, JULY 2012 Extracted from: Cyndy MurilloLaura Alarcรณn Luisa PaterninaJulian Ballen
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