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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 VHEMES vhemes = visual + themesstart by dragging a predesigned vheme onto the canvas OBJECTS drag and drop icons,shapes, text or upload your own from our extensive library of artwork your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] double click on textto edit or change TEXT The UN has also cited the crimes committed by as 'Genocide'. May 2014 ISIS kidnaps more than 140 Kurdish schoolboys in Syria, forcing them to take lessons in radical Islamic theology. June 2014 ISIS takes control of Mosul. Iraqi Kurdistan restricts bordercrossings into the region for refugees fleeing the fighting. July 2014 In Syria's Homs province, ISIS claims to have killed 270 peopleafter storming and seizing the Shaer gas field. August 2014 In a video posted on YouTube, U.S. journalist James Foley, missing in Syria since 2012, is decapitated by ISIS militants. November 2014 The Iraqi government announces ISIS militants have killed 322 membersof the Albu Minr tribe in a recent series of executions. December 2014 The U.N. concludes that ISIS has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity, and leaders of the militant group should beheld accountable by organizations such asthe International Criminal Court. January 2015 ISIS releases a video online showingthe decapitated body of journalist Kenji Goto. February 2015 ISIS releases a new propaganda video, which shows 21 Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in cagesparaded down Iraqi streets, with the threat: "We say to the Peshmerga: Leave your jobs or your fate will be like these, either the cage or under the ground." It's happening Now ISIS
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