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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Military tutelage dug its own grave 28 February post-modern coup The decision taken by the National Security Council (MGK) on February 28, 1997 represents a process started under cover of reactionism. The February 28th process has been termed as post-modern coup. As a result of this coup, particularly conservative segment of the society was suppressed. After all, Turkey suffered greatly and irreversibly. National will in deadlock Fazilet Party (Welfare) having received 6,012,450 votes, 21.37% of the votes cast, was closed. Arbitrary decisions On the grounds of being involved in reactionary activities, 21 foundations were closed, and 128 officals from the Religious Affairs Administration were dismissed. Unfair dismissal teachers had to resign 11.000 3,527 4625 teachers were unseated employees from the Ministry of National Education were blacklisted Military discharges 59 military personnel and 639 civil cervants were dismissed. Restriction of religious education Quran courses were closed During this ten-year process students wearing headscarves were banned from attending schools or universities. 600,000 Head-scarf ban Intervention in fundamental freedoms 33,271 teachers were subjected to disciplinary proceedings due to dress/profiling, 11,000 of them were punished. Restriction of freedom of the press As a result of their religious beliefs and decision to cover themselves, more than one million civil servants were exposed to threats such as being barred from promotion, exiled, stripped of public housing, subjected to disciplinary proceedings and coerced during resignation and mittimus. The impacts of pressure on the life Economic cost Economic cost It is suggested that the February 28th process cost Turkey 387 billion dollars. The Supreme Board forced 34 foundations to shut down broadcasting for 5,903 days owing to their reactionary broadcasting. 1732
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