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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Too much technology is bad for you. 1. Researchers say technologyuse benefits the brain in someways, imaging studies show that the brains of Internetusers become better atfinding relevant information2.Players of some videogames develop better visualacuity3.Cell phones & computerslet people escape their workdesks and let them workanywhere, they shrinkdistances, and handlecountless boring tasksto free up a lot of time4.Mr.C likes the fact thathe can be the first to knowabout breaking news5.Researchers foundplayers of some fast video gamescan track more movement ofobjects than non-players6.The Net contains the wholeEarth's greatest writing, pictures,and ideas, and Google lets us findthe most relevant links instantly7.Access to the Net's info lets usthink faster & better,with this we can arrive at better,informed solutions faster8.Researchers found thatusershalf as likely to be isolated thannon-users9. Users knew people froma variety of diverse, or different,backgrounds & simultaneouslyspent time socializing outsidethe house10.Because of cell phones & socialmedia, people we depend on aremore accessible today11.Social media has made everyrelationship closer than before12.We have Facebook friendsforever13.There is no evidence that socialmedia is responsible for isolationor loss of social support Pro's Con's 1. When an very important emailwas sent to Mr. Campbell's inbox,he didn't read it for twelve days, this isbecause he was too obsessed with playingvideo games2.He finally saw when he went through hisold messages, some one wanted to buy hisproduct3.He managed to save the 1.5 million deal, hestruggled with effects of too much technology, hecraves the stimulation, when it's gone he feels bored4.He forgot things like plans for dinner, etc5.Scientists believe juggling emails, and phone calls canchange the way people behave6.They believe that our ability to think is being sabotagedby technology7.People consumed three times as muchdata they did in 19608.Researchers found people who are interrupted by emailshave more stress than people left to focus9.If we're distracted, understand less,remember less, therefore we learn less10.The Internet, no doubt, creates distractions
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