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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Misty Copeland -Life in Motion Misty Copeland -Life in Motion Misty was born on September10,1982in Kansas City, Missouri.A couple years later, she moved to San Pedro. Her family was very poor, so Misty went toThe Boys and Girls Club after school.There, she learned the basics of ballet. The teacher at The Boys and Girls clubnoticed her talent & wanted herto dance at her studio, The San Pedro Ballet. Misty's family couldn't afford a lot.When she had the offer to go to The San Pedro Ballet, her mom didn't know what to say.The teacher offered Misty housing with her & she would pay for all of her dance gear. Soon, she was off tothe San Pedro Ballet & went on living with her instructor, Cindy. Misty was discovered aftermany of her shows, & became very popular. Misty was told that she had the wrong body for ballet. Although she was upset, she kept dancing and trying. The moral of this autobiographyis that you always try your best & that you should never give up. Misty's mom got upset because she felt that she wasn't getting enough time with her daughter, &that Cindy was taking over. Cindy gave Misty the choiceto stay with her or go home and live with her poor family. She ends up staying with her mom. Misty was accepted into thefamous New York Ballet's Summer Intensive Program, but decided to go to The San Francisco Ballet's Intensive because it was closer to home. Sophia Stone Misty is currently dancing withher dream dance company, The American Ballet Theatre. She is also a soloist.
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