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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Rules of the Game & Dreaming of Heros The Rules of Game Dreaming of Heros The central idea is that wavelry's life is a big chess game. In the story she has to deal with her and we learn from how her mom is and acts the way her mom acts when waverly becomes so good at chess and becomes famous shes different referring how her life is a big chess game its like she playing her mom trying to figuring out what are her next moves to play her mom having to deal with. In the story a play care about is football its one of the biggest game in Texas especially in the small town of Odessa. The story how a father and son see football as there connection shows there pass how the tough times they went through the bad path the father was putting the son through waverly Waverly's mom we learned about the two how her mom is so controlling and waverly is so kind,friendly her being so goodat chess and becoming a championing beings conflict between her mom at not leaving at good terms VS Billy Winchell and his son Mike were the best of friends after billy's death it caused a big affect on his son mikehis life didnt get any easier he lost his confidence Charlie Billingsley and his son Don had a some what good relationship following in his dads footsteps getting into trouble having to deal with his dads drinking but the way his dad was just made a wrong path forDon.But still followed his dreams in football as his dad.
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