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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Auschwitz: The camp that killed Berlin, Germany (Capital) Auschwitz Concentration CampPoland 1,100,000 Jews 200,000 Others Auschwitz Death Ratio Prisoners would arrive to Auschwitz by train, Prisoners would arrive from different camps across Europe. And most trains could bring 1,000 people. Breakfast: Herbal tea/coffee Camp meals Lunch: Watery soup Dinner: Black bread, tiny peice of sausage or cheese. Getting to Auschwitz Auschwitz I First section of the Auschwitz camp to be created in 1940. 15.44 square miles were reserved for the development of the camp.Was originally created as a work labor camp, but also eliminated small targeted groups who's death would be decided on by the police athourities. Auschwitz One also had a medical center where they would do medical experiments like testing birth effects like twins and dawrfs.They also preformed forced experiments on adults. Some experiments were sterilizations, castrations, and hypothermia experiments. Auschwitz II Second section of Auschwitz was created in October of 1941. Auschwitz II is also known as Auschwitz-Birkenau, Held the largest amount of prisoners.The camp had sections for men, women, a family camp for gypsies, and a family camp for Jewish families. Zyklon B gas was declaired as a working killing divise in september of 1941. Four large crematorium buildings were then created in 1943. Because the 2 smaller gas chambers were not as effective. In the large buildings, there was a disrobing area, a large gas chamber, and creamatorium ovens (Disrobing area, gas chamber, and ovens in each building). Auschwitz continued killing until 1944. This camp was important cause it did most of the killing. Auschwitz III Auschwitz III (also known as Monowitz) was created in 1941. Monowitz was created to help Germany with the war. Factories were built for the prisoners to work at instead of being killed.There were also 28 sub-camps made. Prisoners were not killed in the camps because the Germans needed the workers instead of having the prisoners killed.People would sleep on straw for beds, they would have to share a 2 foot bed with 3 people. There hut was either made out of either brick or wood, depending on your ranking.They didnt have windows but they did have a sky light in there roof. The camps had men and women work. There were 33,023 men in the camps and 2,095 woman. In total, there were 35,118 people working in the camps in total. Liberation: Auschwitz was liberated on January 27,1945 Created: Auschwitz was created by Heinrich Himmler who ordered its creation on April 27, 1940. Works Cited United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. "Auschwitz." Holocaust Encyclopedia. 4:30 A Project of the American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise. "Jewish Virtual Library."The Library. 4:13 Staff. A&E Networks, Published 2009. "Auschwitz." 4:20
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