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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Curriculum Inquiry-based laboratory experiencesare embedded throughout the year. Students present their knowledge in lab mini-posters, lab reports, and lab presentations. AP Biology students are prepared for the exam in multiple ways: Units designed around the four "Big Ideas" Unit and term assessments that mimic the exam format and question typesCollege Board designed AP Biology laboratory investigations Access to course materials during the AP "gap"Review sessions led by AP Biology teachers leading up to the examon May 9th, 2016 Direct Instruction Students master material by engaging in multiple methods of learning, including: "Flipped" Learning Visit for additional information,including course descriptions, exam information, and how universities handle AP credit.Successful AP Biology students are good at learningindependently and in groups, invest a large amount of time in reading and becoming better writers, and cananalyze and connect biological concepts to different situations. Students learn and master the key learning targets of the re-designed (2012-13) curriculum created by the College Board. The Four "Big Ideas"1) Evolution2) Energy3) Information4) Systems Additional Information Hands-on engagement Instructional Strategies Collaborative Groups Brookfield East High School Advanced Placement Biology Innovative Teachers Mrs. Simek ( Westphal ( Preparation For the AP Biology Exam See you in AP Biology in 2015!
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