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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Short guide for playing online slots Do you think online slots are hard to play?Think again! Place your bets (they usually start from $0.01). You have plus and minus buttons to increase ordecrease your bet and some casinos will even givethe easiest way for betting the maximum amount of money, a Bet Max option. Click on Spin or, in some cases, players are provided with an Auto Play option,which simplifies the whole process even more as all you have to do is specify the number of spins and the system itself will take care of it. The paylines with the possible combinations are situatedon both sides of the game, from one end to another.Activate a payline to see how they all differ in terms of number of symbols and shape.For instance, the first one (number 1) usually goes horizontally, from one end to another, while higher numbers, like 20are drawn in multiple directions and they are also zigzagged, hitting many symbols. In the top right corner of the screen you have the Game settings,with on and off buttons for symbol animation,background music and sound effects.Select whichever one you want so it doesnt affect your playing. Always read the THE PAYTABLE.Here, you will find out what you have to doin order to win free spins, a bonus round or bonus points, how much each symbol is worth, the combinations for all the paylines,which symbols are WILD or SCATTER. A word of advice: dont lose sight of your balance and dont bet more than you can afford! Did you know?Online slots were introduced in the mid-1990s.Types: three reel slots, multiple lines, video slots Take into consideration the amount you are willing to bet.Your bet is always multiplied by the number of activated lines,so if there are 3 lines and you choose to bet $0.50 on each line,your TOTAL BET is going to be $1.50.
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