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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hamlet vs the KingSimilarities and differences (characters) double click to change this header text! Claudius- The uncle that becomes king (evil)Hamlet- the prince that doesn't become kingKing Hamlet- King who was killed by his brotherGhost of king Hamlet- Came back to tell Hamletto kill Claudius and get revengeOphelia- Hamlet's friend/ girlfriend that is a girl Hamlet similarities Lion King similarities Scar- The uncle that becomes king (evil)Simba- the prince that doesn't become kingMufasa- King who was killed by his brotherMufasa's "ghost"- appeared in the sky to tell Simba to return to the pride landNala- Simba's friend/ girlfriend that is a girl Differences Zazu-helps king MufasaTimon and pumbaa- friendsSimba meets on the runHyenas- This group wasn't inHamlet Similarities and differences (plot) Differences Similarities -The obvious similarity is that Scaris Mufasa's brother, and he killed himfor the throne, Same as Claudius. -Simba was reminded by his father to go back andreclaim the pride lands, and hamletsaw his fathers ghost that reminded himto get revenge. This is similar even thoughthe "ghosts" came in different ways and told them different things. (kill and reclaime) -Lion king showed the king aliveand why he was a good king whileHamlet starts off with him dead.-Simba runs away because Scar forces him, while in Hamlet the kingtries to make Hamlet happy again.-In The Lion King Scar doesn't get married to Mufasa's wife, while in Hamlet Claudius does get marriedto Hamlet's mom.-Simba doesn't come back to kill Scar but just regain the kingdom, while Hamlet is just going for revenge. -Scar made Simba think it was his fault that his dad was dead, while in Hamlet he knew that it was Claudius.-Nala in the lion king doesn't died like Ophelia in Hamlet, and in the end it is a happy ending with everyone but Mufasa alive. - in the lion king the land became a wasteland, while in Hamlet the kingdomdidn't seem to horrible except that Claudiusevil. Simba was respected by everonewithin the kingdom besides Scarand the Hyenes obviously, whilein Hamlet he went a little crazyand people like Ophelia's fatherbrother told her to stay away from him Over all I think that the lion king is not the Disney version of Hamlet.There are notable similarities, and some things may have been inspiredby Hamlet but every producer has been inspired by someone. I see most of the similarities in the characters, obviously Scar, but bessides killing the king for the throne not a lot of the plot is the same as Hamlet. Hamlet is about revenge, while the Lion King is about family and good versus evil.
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