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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HARSH REALITIES -The stable buck(Crooks) is not fairly because of his race Lots of SETTING DESCRIPTION your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] DEMONSTRATES how ordinary people spoke and acted- Language is offensive but true People are helpless creatures double click to change this header text! Candy needs the ranch job because he's disabled and old and wouldn't get work elsewhere No sentimentality Pups/dogs are drowned or shot Captures life in remote regions double click to change this header text! The ranch is isolated/rural, George and Lennie travel the country Sometimes they have to look for basic things to survive, such as water, because the land sometimes is not rich in the place they are in George but most of the time Lennie speak with a very basic language, also with the slang ofthe place they were rised George and Lennie go through a lot of places, such as desert, mountains or the country to get jobs to survive In the book you can see how Lennie and George come from really harsh environments where they were raised in, that influences them in the way they act . Lennie is a brutal character, and although he has a good heart, he has no sentiments of empathy or love to the people he is offended by Lennie and George have to live in a ranch in the middle of nowhere with other men where they dont have any other stuff than a bed to sleep
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