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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Assistive Technology General Ed Teacher Low-Tech Mid- tech High- Tech AT Services General Ed Teacher Are implemented within written text to provide additional support for comprehension. Writing-Text-to-speech * The environment in which thestudent functions and tasks the student is expected to preform while considering the students needs, strengths and preferences to ensure students can maintain access the academic activities. Reading-Picture symbols Et Two reason why it is necessary to consider AT for students with disabilities AT implementation This program allows for receptive auditory feedback on their writing as well as spelling and grammar from check programs. Organizationand management skills-WatchMinder This is a programmable sports watch that can set 30 alarms and has 65 preprogrammed messages and reminders for individuals. * Assistive Technology is implemented to assist a student in meeting her or his goals in the IEP. I will evaluate using video recordings, anecdotal observations and low, mid and high AT tools to record strengths, needs and preferences as well as challenges, attitudes and interests to determine what AT services the child will benefit from. AT evaluation . In order to successfully implement AT in my classroom I will ensure I observe my students to find areas of struggles, read their IEP goals and through a process of elimination decide what service work best. I will use a process of trial and error determine what works for the individual student to meet their goals and have productive outcomes.
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