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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 English ISP Waknuk Homosexuaility Similarites Waknuk is a town in labrador in Newfoundland that was built by Elias Storm who is Josephs father. Elias Storm built the town because he wanted live in a religious society. Waknuk was created by Elias after the nuclear war. Almost Everyone who lives in Waknuk is extremely religious and believes that everyone must look normal according to what they believe normal is. The waknuk society went back in time while the rest of the world is moving forward industrially. The Waknuk society is a very harsh one who will stop at nothing to keep their society deviant free. The waknuk society's image of god is what we consider normal in our society. The image of god is one head two arms etc.. The image is basically a normal human being. They believe everyone should look like there god. If not there are consequences. The people of Waknuk believe that everyone should look the same. Everyone should look like the image of God. The people of Waknuk were so determined to make sure everyone was normal that when a baby was born a inspector would come and check the baby to make sure it was normal. If a person with a deviation is discovered they are banished to the fringes and women get a procedure that makes them not have babies while they are in the fringes.The waknuk people don't realize that these people are still humans and that there isn't a real definition of normal for humans. Also if a plant or animal has a offence there are consequences for them to. If a plant has an issue they will burn it, for example if one crop is taller than the other. Or if an animal has an offence like a extra body part then they slaughter it. The Waknuk people dont like anyone having differences. Since everyone in Waknuk is extremely religious, deviants or blasphemies are considered the son of the devil. So whenever one is discovered they are sent straight to the fringes. In the fringes there is nothing. It is all forest. No food, water, housing etc.. The deviants are left to die out there. Eventually the human instincts of the fringe people take control over them and they carry out raids against Waknuk. The deviants are discriminated in ways that are not heard of in todays society. Homosexuality is when a male or female is attracted to the same gender. There are also different forms of homosexauilty like bi-sexual, pansexual, and transgender. Your sexual orientation is defined when you are born so you cant change it after you are born. Homosexuality has been proven not to be a mental disorder or a sickness, it is completely normal. One thing homosexual people have to face is coming out. Coming out refers to when a gay, lesbian, or a bi-sexual, pansexual, or transgender person decides to tell people they know and trust that they attracted to the same gender It can be very scary for them because they dont know how their family or friends or whoever they tell is going to react. It is really great when the people or person they choose to tell accepts them for who they are. It is really depressing when we hear stories about gay teens who are bullied in school for their sexual orientation. It is even worse when they are not accepted at home by their parents at home. All this can ultimately lead to suicide if they feel they do not belong or are not accepted. The LGBT community is probably one of the most discriminated groups in history, which is really sad. First off one way they are discriminated is because in some states in the U.S.A and other countries have a ban on their right to get married. Which means LGBT people cannot get married which is ridiculous. I feel like being a LGBT person should not be a political issue. For example America is still slowly making gay marriage legal in some states while Canada has gay marriage legal in all provinces. A surprising fact is that a study found in 2008 of 390 LGBT people that 1 in 7 of them are living in fear of homophobic violence. (Better Health Organization page 1) In some states if a gay man or woman wants to get a job somewhere the person who is hiring them has the right to say no just because of their sexuality. It is truly astonishing how people are so ignorant when it comes to equality. There are a lot of factors that influence the way people view homosexuals, things that interfere are religion, pure ignorance and growing up in a family that was homophobic. The main one though is religion. In some countries if someone finds out another person is gay it is punishable by law, and in extreme cases they have the right to kill you. This just shows how scared the world is of people being different. I read an article that was talking about how a lady named Shannon Barry who is a lesbian was walking in the street and was kicked in the face and knocked unconscious by a stranger just because she was gay.These are called hate crimes. It is really upsetting to know that people who are LGBT are beaten and disowned by their families just because they are different. I also saw a video online of a teen boy coming out to his mom telling her he is gay. The mom reacted in a way that i didn't even think was possible. She told him he had a day to pack up his things and get out of the house. She said I love you but i won't let people think I support you and what you are doing And then it gets even worse with the boys father attacking him. And this was all because the kid likes the same gender. LGBT people are looked at like they are second class citizens and that they are a disgrace to humanity. Which is completely not true. The blasphemies in Waknuk and homosexuals both face negative labeling. The people in Waknuk who are not normal are perceived to be awful disgusting creatures who are a disgrace to the Waknuk society's God. They are looked at this way because the whole Waknuk society has been brainwashed to believe that anyone who has a deformation is a bad person and must go to the fringes. The Waknuk people dont even get to know the people with blasphemies, they just assume they are bad people who must be sent away. They judge them before actually getting to know them. This is similar to the way homosexuals are treated because in our society homosexuals are perceived by some people as second class citizens who dont deserve equal rights. A way that homosexuals are labeled negatively is because of all the gay jokes that people make. For example like You are so gay. That comment is very hurtful to some people who identify as a homosexual because that comment is made to be perceived as a bad thing. There is nothing wrong with being gay, but that comment makes you want to think otherwise. Very ignorant people also put very ignorant labeling on homosexuals by saying Being gay is a illness. It is proven that being gay is not a illness. The more people put negative labeling on on homosexuals the more the world is going to see them in a different way then they should. Also young children who grow up with parents who put negative labeling on homosexuals will probably also grow up with those same thoughts. The people who hate on homosexuals do not even take time to know the people they are hating on. They just assume they are bad people because they are gay. Which ties into the Waknuk society where the deviants do not even get a chance to prove they are good people they are just assumed bad because they are different. . People in the Waknuk society and homosexuals both face being misunderstood by society. The deviants of Waknuk are hugely misunderstood by the society in Waknuk because they are not even given a chance to be understood. The people of Waknuk are so brainwashed that they dont realize that it doesnt matter whats on the outside its whats on the inside that counts. They think that since they look a certain way they probably behave and act a certain way, which is totally not true. The deviants definitely feel like they are unwanted and are a mistake, which is not true but the Waknuk society makes them feel this way because of their religious views. Homosexuals on the other hand also feel like they are misunderstood. I have noticed in recent years how homosexuals especially male homosexuals are stereotyped. They are portrayed as being very flamboyant, wearing tight clothes and bright clothes, and being very tidy and having high pitched voices. The stereotypes are very particular and not accurate. Some gay males definitely do fit that description while actually most dont. The thing is people have made an image in their mind of what a gay male is which is completely the wrong image, a gay male could be the complete opposite of all those stereotypes. That is a reason why homosexuals feel misunderstood. Also people judge them without even getting to know them. The people who hate on them dont like them because they are gay not because of their personality. We have to start judging people from their personality not by their sexual orientation or what they look like. The deviants of Waknuk feel like they are social outcasts because they have been rejected by the Waknuk people. The Waknuk people make them feel like they are not important and dont matter. Which results in the deviants feeling like outcasts in that society. The deviants feel separated, like they are in a different world. The Waknuk society will banish them the moment they find out of there blasphemies so they are always used to feeling that way. The deviants are sent to the fringes where they become social outcasts from society. There is nothing there besides forest and other people. Finally homosexuals also sometimes feel like social outcasts because people in today's society still dont treat them like they are equal. They treat them like they are not important and that they dont belong in today's modern society. It is really disheartening to know that homosexual people still have to feel like they are different and do not belong. In some places people are aloud to kick homosexual people out of an activity or anything just because they are a homosexual. It is really depressing . This would make them feel like they are not worth it and all the hate and feeling like they are unwanted could end up with them believing all the hate they hear.
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