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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Rules of the Game vs. Dreaming of Heroes Waverly and her motherA little girl who tries to find her placein America. She has a hard time being American, because her mother doesn'twant her to be a lazy American. She not only competed against random peoplein chess, but her last opponent was her mother, not in chess, but her opponent in their relationship. Waverly and Lau Po Lau Po acts as Waverly's mentor for chess. He motivates and supports her for all her chess games. By: Amy Tan By: H.G. Bissinger Mike and Billy WinchellMike's father died when Mike was young. It was very painful for Mike,because he had to grow up without hishero. When he went back to footballit was hard for the players to rely onMike because of the lack of confidencesince his dad died. His hero was hismotivation to play hard and to play with his his heart. Don and Charlie BillingsleyDon is pressured to being a star football player, like his father was.Charlie wanted than anyone, not only because Don was his son andthe parental pride that was in him,but because it seemed impossiblenot to look down on the field and seehis own reflection. In a way Charliewas reliving his past in his son Don.That put more pressure on Don to do,like his dad that was a legend. Central Idea The central idea is that the main character is playing some kind of game that is symbolizing a way of life. Their parents have impactedtheir game in some way which made a difference for the main characterslife. In all stories the main character shows their loved one or important one what they can do to impress them, like in Rules of the Game, Waverlyimpresses her mother in the game of chess and in Dreaming of Heroes, Don tries to impress his father and Mike tries to motivate himself to do good for hsi dad, simce his dad died.
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