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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pollution Types of Pollution Land Pollution Thermal Pollution Noise Pollution Air Pollution Water Pollution Light Pollution Causes of Pollution Effects of Pollution -smog-acid rain-animal health-human health- asthma, lung cancer, hearing loss, skin reactions, cardiovascular disease-infertile land-resource depletion-the hole in the ozone layer due to CFC's-global warming Light Pollution:-lights (mainly in big cities)Air Pollution: -burning fuels-smoke from chimneys,vehicles and woodNoise Pollution:-machines-loud musicLand Pollution:-industrial waste-pesticides-mining and deforestationThermal Pollution:-deforestationWater Pollution:-industrial waste-oil spills-eutrophication There are no pros to pollution, except maybe the cost to clean it up. Pollution is a big issue in our societybecause of everyone's cars that burngas, smoke from cooking dinner,lights we use during the night time,the list goes on and on. The main thing we can do is educate the generalpublic about the dangers of pollution.If everyone knew the harmful consequences of what they are doing every single day, many would be much more conscientious and take pollutionseriously. If our level of pollution continues, the amount of people with diseases like cancer and cardiovasculardisease will be far greater. But if we takepreventative measures today, it couldmake for a brighter future for futuregenerations. Pros/ Cons
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