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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Activities Some activites are being used to develop higher level thinkig sckills. Some schools are using digital technologies to make art mort participatory and interesting. Digital technologies My InfographyDigital art technology in educationby Joselin García The usage of films, movies and some art pieces to develop critical thinking. The daily classes and lessonplans are relying on different digital tools to emphasize the relation between technology and art. Although Art is an expensive subject when it is applied using technology it is cheaper.And it engages students and it makes them more creative and original. Playing interactive gamesthat use musical or artistic abilities allow kids to be more interested in learning how to play more instrumentsand it is easier for them tobe engage with those activities. This methodology can be usedin all subjects, applying art projectswhen kids are learning so theycan learn some things by integrating what they like the most.Technology is an excellent toolthat allows to improve kids motivationand meaningful learning experiencesin classroom. Kids are not only sharing theirworks but also learning fromother classmates, people on theWWW and they learn to critique, be models and get motivated byobtaining awards or recognizion. Sharing things that they have created has become an importantpart of engaging kids into artisticsactivities. A cloud-based sociallearning is fundamental to continueworking in projects after school.
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