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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Top 10 Reasons To Love OERs! 1. OERs save money. Open Education Resources (OERs) can be found for little or no cost. Imagine how much money the district could save! 2. Students can access OERs anywhere.OERs exist on the cloud so students have access to the material anywhere they have internet access. 3. OERs can supplement materials such as textbooks and lectures.OERs can fill gaps where textbooks or lectures fall short. They provide added information. 4. OERs can enhance course content. For example, videos can go along with texts.Information presented in a variety of ways can improve knowledge retention. 5. OERs can be distributed instantly which makes the material more relevant and current than textbooks.Textbook publication can take years but OERs can be published nearly instantly making the information more relevant and timely. 6. OERs can be modified or adapted to suit each instructors needs. Every class is different and OERs offer the flexibility to be easily modified to fit the needs of the instructor and his/her students. 7. Savings can be passed down to students through new technology and other classroom material purchases.Many OERs are free or have very little cost, therefore, those savings can be used to purchase new technology or classroom materials. 8. OERs can enhance the reputation of the school district.OERs will show that this school district is committed to a progressive educational attitude. 9. OERs provide a higher level of education by gathering more contributors.OERs are shared between academic contributors thereby reducing the chance for errors in content. 10. OERs are socially responsible in that they provide education for all.Education should be free and accessible to all people. OERs provide this opportunity. SourcesBoyoung, C. (n.d.). What Are the Benefits in Using OER? Retrieved February 25, 2015, from Educational Resources (OER) - Advantages, Implications and Lists. (2013, September 27). Retrieved February 25, 2015, from Educational Resources . (2015, January 9). Retrieved February 25, 2015, from
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