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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Causes ("Dust") Causes (Centanni) Global Hunger United States vs Ethiopia Ethiopia United States Dry land farming led to the systematic destruction of the prairie grasses. Overgrazing also destroyed large areas of grassland. The famine that began in 1983 happened during a civil war. The United States suffered from a severe drought. The vast majority of the country's farms were almost completely ignored by the government. Rainfall in Ethiopias monsoon climate can be very unpredictable and some areas are especially vulnerable to dry spells and droughts. Effects (" The Human") Effects (" Thurow") Being homeless in America was one of the causes of hunger. The most affected out of all was the minorities. Dustbowl made it where farmers couldn't mass produce crops in the Midwest. Then can prevent critical brain development and slow physical growth. A 15 year old was brought to a clinic weighing just 27 pounds. starvation in Ethiopia kills people everyday. % of population impacted (" The Great ") In 1933 the unemployment rate hovered close to 25%. % of population impacted (" UN ") As many as 81% of all cases of child under nutrition and its related pathologies go untreated. Government aid (" The Great Depression") Government aid (" U.S. ") When world war II started it got the united states out of the depression and out of hunger. A local agriculture cooperative, feed the future has helped 35,000 maize farmers increase yields by 50%.
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