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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] 3 2 1 Well Being Abuse & Neglect Emancipation Fondling, Pornography, andother forms of sexual contact with a child constitute assexual abuse. in recent yearspredators have used chat roomsand other virtual ways to prey onchildren, often lying to the kid tointerest them. By law Parents must provide Health care, supervision, and support for their kid. If not giventhe parents could be fined or arrested. 2 Courts support family well being 1 Abuse is when an adult inflictsor threatens to inflict intentional physical, emotional, or sexual harm on a child. Neglect is failure to properly feed, clothe, shelter, educate, supervise,or tend to medical needs ofa child. Statistics Courts will help establish paternity suits. Forcing fathersor boyfriends to take a blood orDNA test to prove fatherhood.If parents separate the courtwill settle some type of supportagreement. 3 Sexual Abuse Parents and Children -85% of all juveniles who breakthe law have been victims of abuse.-3/4 of female runaways havebeen sexually abused.-18 states require by law toreport abuse or neglect Emancipation is when the childis free from the legal control and custody of parents. Thechild can obtain this when they turn 18, joins the armed forces, marries, becomes selfsupporting, or successfully petitions in court for legal status. Responsibilities Child Neglect &Abuse 4 Education Education is free for children K-12 and parents are responsible for overseeing that the child does attend school. If they are truant theparents could be fined. Recently all states allowhome schoolin education,and in 2003 about 1 million kids were home schooled 5 Legal Responsibilities Parents are legally responsiblefor their children. Allowing themto do illicit activities such as stealing or vandalism is contributing to the delinquencyof a minor and in some statesthe parent will be arrested orfined 4 Child Care Parents are bringing suitsagainst day cares for notbeing able to properly screentheir employees. Organizationsnow require adult employees tobe fingerprinted and have theirbackground check for previouschild abuse violations.
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