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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Elvis Presley 1935 1948 1948-1953 1957 1958 enlists into the army Jesseand Elvis wereborn realized he would never "fit-in" in school moved to Memphis, Tennessee Elvis dies 1967 1977 1953 Records his first song Signs with Colonel Parker BuysGraceland 1960 Discharged from the army marries Priscilla Beaulieu 1968 Lisa Marie was born 1772 divorces Priscilla 1970 meets president Nixon 1957 On January 8, 1935, Elvis Aron Presley was born.When he was in middle school his family moved to Memphis, Tennesseebecause they needed to move away from Tupelo Mississippi. Not long after his graduated from high school, he went to Sun Record Company with Sam Phillips.Sam that he was a really good singer.Elvis started doing gigs.Than he traveled aroundthe states with "the boys". Elvis Than met Colonel, he signed a contract with him for him being famous. Elvis finally boughtGraceland for his mother because she always wanted a house like that, but would never afford it. Elvis finally enlisted into the army, people thought that his fan would forget about him, but they never did. When he was in the army he brought his parents over to the base with him. Sadly his mother died when they were there because her liver failed and she was always drinking,When Elvis was in Germany he meet Priscilla, a fourteen year old girl. Sadly his enlistment was soon up.After a couple years hehad Priscilla move in with him. May 1,1967 They get married and 9 months later little Lisa Marie Presley was born.Elvis started struggling with his weight and drugs. In December of 1970 Elvis meets president Nixon. Priscilla divorces Elvis because how much he was into drugs. August 16,1977 Elvis is pronounced dead at Baptist Memorial Hospital because he overdosed on drugs that help him sleep.
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