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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Confederation Grants and Limitations State vs. Federal Currently known as the worst constitution known to man Articles of These laws were set in place to create an effective central government lay in wartime urgency, to address the need for foreign recognition and aid, and the growth of national feeling. Ratification of document began: 1781 Replacement of document ended: 1789 State Federal had the power to tax providing funding to Congress selected members of congressLimitations:concentrated in a single assembly no uniform system of currency sovereign power in each state each state had one vote causing no proportionality power to declare warappoint military officerssign treatiesmake alliancesappoint foreign ambassadors manage relations with Indians make peace and war Limitations:could not raise money on owncould not draft soldierscould not regulate trade no uniform system of currency lack of chief executive or president no raising of army with States approval Congress had the right to determine value of coins made by them or any state Congress had the power to print money No alterations could be made without the agreement of Congress and state legislatures Established the Federal Court of Appeals which provided a precedent for theFederal court system Executive branch could not enforce the laws; but a legislative Congresswas the sole organ of thenational government, but it had no power to force the states to do anything against their will
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