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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 No one can be forced to marry:- Paternity is a suit or action in court to establish his fatherhood, and force him to pay pregnancy fees and child support.- Blood samples can be used to prove a man is the father.- More effective way to prove the father is the father is by DNA testing. Parents and Children Responsibilities between parents and children This requires adult children to take care of theirelderly parents. Family Responsibility Laws Children are free from the legal control& custody of their parents.This normallytakes place when a child turns 18. The most basic responsibility a parenthas is supporting their child.Both parents are responsible for food, clothes, &child support. Support Paternity Emancipation Education All children have the rightto free public school.A child who misses schoolwithout justification is considered truant.School attendance is required. Care & supervision Parents can decide whatis best for their child, aslong as they don't abuseor neglect them. Discipline Parent have the right tosupervise their children.Children have the right to obey their parents. Medical Care Parents have alegal obligationto protect &supervise theirchildrens health. Child Abuse This occurs when any adult or older child inflicts physicalor emotional, or sexual harmon a child. Child Neglect Occurs more often than child abuse, involves failure to properly feed, clothe& shelter.
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