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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PROCESS design RESEARCH & ANALYSIS HEAD SECRETARY PRODUCT BRIEF A document which the company will produce toexplain the outline ofthe project that they areintending to work on withtheir clients. The task of the Creative Director isto manage the businessso it runs smoothly. They are in charge of the contract agreements, meetings and they arethe ones dealing with the clients. CREATIVE DIRECTOR NADProductions is a small company owned by the two people, which is the Creative Director (the founder itself) and her partner, The Assistant Creative Director. Under them will be their Head Secretary and Secretary. ASSISTANT CREATIVE DIRECTOR The Assistant Creative Director is in charge of finding the clientsthat the company needs.Their task is also tomake sure that all theprojects that we are managing must be donebefore the deadline. The Head Secretary's taskis to manage the company's expenses. They need to manageas carefully as they can so that every project or expensesthat the company uses can still be controlled and is within the company's budget. SECRETARY The Secretary's task is toassist the Head Secretary so that the company's budget will stayon track. They are alsothe ones purchasing all the items that the company needs such as basic necessities etc. CREATIVE DIRECTOR When the brief is done, the team will then go on to theresearch part, which involvesmarket research, surveys,interviews and finding solutions to the problemthat the teamare trying to solve. IDEATE & DEVELOP After finding out the problem, the team will then start to brainstorm for ideas and startto ideate and develop for possible new design of products which will be ableto cater to its users and able to solvethe problem that they arefocusing on. PROTOTYPING When the design has been finalized, the external engineer and the product designer that the team had been workingwith, will work on the making of the product.
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