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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Motif of Witchcraft Katherine HarelsonAvery Talbot "It had the effect of a spell, taking her out of the ordinary relations with humanity, and inclosing her in a sphere by herself" (Hawthorne 49; ch.2). "Pearl would grow positively terrible in her puny wrath, snatching up stones to fling at them, with shrill, incoherent exclamations that made her mother tremble, because they had so much the sound of a witch's anathemas in some unknown tongue" (Hawthorne 86; ch.6). "The unlikeliest materials, a stick, a bunch of rags, a flower, were the puppets of Pearl's witchcraft, and, without undergoing any outward change, became spiritually adapted to whatever drama occupied the stage of her inner world" (Hawthorne 87; ch. 6). "'The little baggage hath witchcraft in her, I profess,' said he to Mr. Dimmesdale. 'She needs no old woman's broomstick to fly withal!'" (Hawthorne 107; ch. 8). "There was witchcraft in little Pearl's eyes and her face, as she glanced upward at the minister, wore that naughty smile which made its expression frequently so elvish" (Hawthorne 144; ch.12). /files/120105_ask_tantrum.JPG g s-2.jpg
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