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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "This Star Wont Go Out"By: Esther, Lori and Wayne Earl Olivia Good August 3rd1994 2000 2005 2001 November 27th,2006 August, 2007 Move to Boston, Mass. for treatment Ester age 12Diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer Move to France Move back to Mass. after contract is upBahrain Move to GermanyParents get a teaching contract in Saudi Arabia June 2008 Unable to breathwithout oxygenmask October 2008 Two episodes ofmajor bleedingfrom both lungs Ester EarlBorn in Beverly, Mass. Earl haskidney Failure Summer 2010 Ester Earl dies at 15 due tocomplications withher Thyroid Cancer August 25, 2010 This Star Won't Go Out chronicles the life of Esther Earl. Diagnosed with thyroid cancer at age twelve, she had lived with this disease for4 years. During that time, she became friends her favorite author,John Green. Green's friendship withEsther motivated him to write his bestselling novel, The Fault In OurStars, even though the novel tells a different story than Esthers. Her story is told with pagesfrom her journals, her parents blog posts, her chats with online friends, memories recorded by friends and family members, and some of Esthersdrawings. 3 Facts Powerful Quote Just be happy, and if you can't be happy, do things that make you happy. Or do nothing with the people that make you happy. -Ester Earl 1) Cancer is very costly* $4,000 for radioactive iodine treatment, which is recommended for thyroid cancer* $23,500 for complete or partial removal of the thyroid*thyroid cancer can reach $60,000 or more a year Summary 2) Thyroid Cancer is a terminal disease,meaning that it has treatment options,but none will be able to heal the patient. 3) Ester's parents started a foundationto help families who have children withcancer to pay for treatments. They haveraised over $135,00 as of March of lastyear
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