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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Recruitment In Ministry Of Health Identify Vacansies prepare Job Description Job Posting Receive application forms Filter the CVs External Recruitmen: Select Candidaites Testing candidates Initial interview for who passed the test Select the best candidates Final interview Selection and offer submission Enternal Recruitment: Internal recruitment Help keep morale and motivation levels high, but before applying it we must set some polices that describes what internal applicants can expect during the selection process, whether applying for an internal position will affect their current ones, andwho are the targeted employees.. est. Recruitment In Health Affairs: The recruitment process should be done by the health affairs, but they must provide the ministry with job vacancies and advertisement that will be published, to make sure that after took a permeation from who responsible to make sure from their compliance contracting: Follow the same procedures,withe use recruitment websites which attracting candidates form different countries and different specialties. attract new employees: First we must have a list of universities summarize must important major in each university, that will help use know who to attract and which attract new employees you should offer Best Compensation & Benefits, Offer employees a job thatdevelop new skills, and give prospective employees something to look forward to if they come work for you.
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