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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is GDP?GDP- Gross Domestic Output is the total value of goods and service produced by a country,it sums up the money we make on our produces and the final output. Economic Profile Of Australia By Kiana Mifsud 8BA What are Australia's main exports? Australia exports most of agriculture product such as wheat wool, gold iron and natural gases and coal, 60%of farm products are exported manly to parts of the world were there is less rain fall. Wheat- most of Australia's wheat is exports around the world to countries lie Asia, Middle East Regions and heaps more. the gross value you of wheat in 2003-2004 was $5.6 billion. Coal- 54% of Australia's coal get export to countries like eastern Asia, In 2000 to 2001 258.5 million tones of coal was mined and 193.6 million tones were exported to other countries. In 20012 Australia was the fourth largest coal producer. Meat- meat is one of the 3 main is is mostly exported to countries like aiea and the middle east, 2.44 million sheep were export to those countries in 2012 also in Indonesia there was counted for 45% of the export in sheep was live cattle. Top 5 Products imported by Australia Crude Petroleum (8.5%), Cars (7.3%), Refined Petroleum (6.3%), Delivery Trucks (3.6%), and Packaged Medicaments (3.4%)Top 5 Import origins of Australia China (18%), United States (12%), Japan (8.2%), Singapore (5.6%), and Germany (5.0%) what is Crude petroleum, why does Australia import it? Crude Petroleum is a black think flammable liquor that has a mixture of gases and can separated into fractions including gasoline, fuel, lubricating oils and natural gases. Australia imports oils because it is cheaper to import than to extract the oil them selves.Could Australia produce these goods itself?yes Australia can make these goods and they do but they mostly import the oils because it is cheap to import theses oil from other countries. explain if you think Australia is a healthy economy?Australia has a healthy economy because over the years interest rates have been dropping drastically also in the past 3 months the cost of petrol in Australiahave been dropping also due to the fact of the ratio of the Australian dollars against the American dollar, the housing building industry has jumped up considerably which creates more jobs and helps the Australia economy.
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