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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Demographic change in Australia and region The longitude and latitude of Australia is very unique to other countries. Australia's longitude and latitude has given it a particular type of climate. The northern cities closer to the equator generally have hotter climate while the southern cities generally have a colder climate.   Australian Geography Demographic change in Australia and region Technology and New technology PhonesComputer/laptopInternet/3GMedical technology- MRI, key hole sugeryEmailCars have new technologyBluetooth In today's society mostly everyone in the population of Australia uses technology  for communication. New technologies in Australia would be medical technology such as MRI and key hole surgery. 89% population are living in urban areas the majority of the population lives close to coastlines 13 million people live in the top five cities Sydney,Melbourne,Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide 1.The last Census showed that most recent migrants come from New Zealand, the United Kingdom, India,China and South Africa so many people come to Australia from our region.2. Many people are arriving to Australia from different countries and other different ways3.Many tourists are comes to Australia because we have small issues such as aging, refugees and endangered species4.54% of migrants come to australia to visit their family and 46% of migrants come for work business. Australia is connected to the globe by sport because we compete in many worldwide events like the Olympics, soccer World Cup, Commonwealth games, Formula one racing and the Australian open tennis. Australia is connected to the region because we compete in the Asia Pacific games.personal place in Australia I am an average Australian person because I ,live in sydney Australia which is the most populated city in Australia. My cultural background connects me to the world because my parents are Portuguese. They have taught me to speak Portuguese, so when i travel to Portugal i can understand the language. I know the culturefood,traditions of portugal. This connects me to another parts of the world. 27/02/2015Nicole Arede
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