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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HISTORY WITH US SITE FOR BASICS ON HISTORY Japanese Occupation HOME PICTURES CONTACT US JAPAN VS PHILIPPINES Perspectives The Bataan Death March, 1942 (Primary)( Here are different articles/sources of experiences during the japanese occupation This is an american soldier, during the japanese occupation, talking about the brutality of the japanese during one of the most memorable events during world war 2: the bataan death march DR. JOSE P. LAUREL AS PRESIDENT OF THE SECOND PHILIPPINE REPUBLIC (Secondary) ( This article from the Malacanang Palace talking about former President Jose P. Laurel's time in office including the actions he took during the japanese occupation. War Diary of Ramon Alcaraz (Primary)( Diary of a philippine soldier during World War II World War II - Japanese Propaganda in the Philippines (Secondary)( Article showing different propagandas made by the Japs to threaten Filipino and American Soldiers.These propaganda's show the means of the Japanese Influences Through the many actions and speeches former president Jose Laurel, our country was influences by him to fight for what is good for own country. This could be seen through various memorable events like the EDSA revolution Though taught in the brutal way then, the japanese goal of "Asians for Asia" really taught us to be more proud of our own heritage and to be more independent. This lesson can be seen in our National Museum and the amazing art made by filipinos being appreciatedby filipinos STOP WAR Though the War is long gone, we youth still face many conflicts. through learning more about the war we, the future government of the Philippines, can prevent conflict. We can also prevent war by participating in peace talks or international meetings, so we can learn ways on how to respect each and every culture
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