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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Microsoft PowerPoint es un programa de presentación desarrollado por la empresa Microsoft para sistemas operativos Microsoft Windows y Mac OS, ampliamente usado en distintos campos como la enseñanza, negocios, etc. Según las cifras de Microsoft Corporation, cerca de 30 millones de presentaciones son realizadas con PowerPoint cada día. Forma parte de la suite Microsoft Office.Es un programa diseñado para hacer presentaciones con texto esquematizado, así como presentaciones en diapositivas, animaciones de texto e imágenes prediseñadas o importadas desde imágenes de la computadora. Se le pueden aplicar distintos diseños de fuente, plantilla y animación. Este tipo de presentaciones suelen ser más prácticas que las de Microsoft Word. 1884 - The beginning 1890 - A C with extra swirls 1900- The Hutchinson bottle 1916 The contour bottle 1945 - Tweaking the tail 1958 - The fishtail logo 1955 - The first can 1961 - Trademarking 1961 - The white wave 2011 - Arctic fund cans 2005 - Aluminium bottles The iconic contour bottle was born when bottlersbecame concerned that Coca-Cola was being confused with other brands. It's unique design was inspired by the curves of a cocoa bean. This infographic was created by Cando Advertising. John S. Pemberton created formula for his fizzy drink in 1886 and his partner, Frank M. Robinson came up with the name. The first 2-Litre plastic bottle was born and was popular because it couldn't break, it was re-sealable, lightweight and recyclable. The can was originally made for the military in 1955. It was 12 OZ, had a diamond patternand was flat-topped. The soft drink started as a soda fountainbeverage and customers could buy it for 5 cents and bottle it in a glass bottle calleda Hutchinson. For just one year, the Coca-Cola logo changed with a new and quite comical swirly script. It returned back to the original Spencerian Script soon after. At first, the Trademark was added to the tail of the first C, but this was removed and placed below the name. The Arden Square logo was introduced to the world in 1969 and the Coca-Cola script was now underlined with the white wave called the "Dynamic Ribbon Device". This period saw the introduction of the 'Fishtail'logo (aka the Arciform). The term comes from the fact that both sides of the logo look like fish tails. The contour bottle with the word Coca-Cola written on it got its first trademark from the US Patent and Trademark Office. It was also granted a TM for it's contour shape. For the share happiness campaign, you could send a Coke to your mate and have his / her name printed on it instead of the logo. Coca-Cola introduced over 1.4 billion white cans in support of the arctic fund to raise awarenessfor the plight of the Polar bear. 1978 - 2 Litre plastic bottles Over 5 continents, design firms from all overcame together to design a new aluminiumcontour bottle called M5. 2011 - Share a Coke bottle MICROSOFT POWER POINT
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