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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Page 230:"Were this world an endless plain, and by sailing eastward we could for ever reach new distances, and discover sights more sweet and strange than any Cyclades or Islands of King Solomon, then there was promise in the voyage." Child Migrant Farmworkers Most of the fruits and vegetables that you buy at the grocery store were picked by migrant children that work on farms. Almost 400,000 children in the United States are farm workers. These children do not get to go to school, have as good of a social life as we do and, they expose them selves to pesticides every time the pick fruits and vegetables Children spend hours and hours working in the hot sun. They only do this because their families do not have enough money and this is a way to get extra money. They migrate across the United States following the harvesting season. Some children who work in the fields actually die from it. The pesticides sprayed on the farms are harmful to the children's young bodies. The environmental conditions also contribute as well. A 17 year old named Martin died because his body overheated. He had been picking melons for 7 hours Migrant farm workers earn very littlemoney when working on the fields. You can by a pound of tomatoes fora couple dollars but the kids who pick them. only earn a couple dollars for every 25 pounds of tomatoes
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