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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Parents and Children DOG The most basic responsibilityof parents is to supporttheir minor children. all children have a rightto a free public school education through thetwelfth grade. A child who misses school without justification is considereda truant. If a man denies being achilds father, the mothermay bring a paternity suitor action in court to establish his fatherhood, and force him to pay pregnancy expenses and child support. Parents are not usually required to give financial support to an adult child.Parents legal responsibility ends when their childrenbecome emancipated. A long tradition of law and social custom has called upon adult childrento support their elderlyor disabled parent Parents have a legalduty to protect and supervise their childrenshealth Parents may decidewhat is best for their children. There are no minimum requirements for thenumber of hours parents must spend with their children. Parents have a right and a duty to supervisetheir children. Likewise, children have legalobligation to obeytheir parents and tofollow reasonable rules. Mac | Early Adopter | Gadgets Responsibilities between parents and children Parents who fail to exercise proper supervision and control overtheir children maybe held legally responsible for their children'sacts. Paternity Support Emanipation Family responsibilitylaws Education MAINCHARACTERS care andsupervision Discipline Parental Responsibiliyfor children'sacts Earningsand employment Medical Care In many families, children who work cankeep and spend their own money. Neverthelessparents have the legal right to takethe earnings of theirminor children Support Emancipation Family resposilitylaws The most basic responsibility of parents is to support theirminor children. Parents are not usually required to give financial support to an adult child. Parents legal responsibility ends when theirchildren become emancipated. A long term tradition of lawand social custom has calledupon adult children to support their parents whenthe parents are in need.
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