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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Support Emancipation All children have right to a freepublic school education through 12th grade. A child who missesschool without reason is considered a truant. A parents who fails to send their child to school may be fined or arrested Caring and Supervision Medical Care Provide basicnecessities of life includingfood, clothing, shelter, education, and medical care.All parents are expected tosupport their minor children. Parents are notusually required togive financial support to an adult child (Ex: 18). No one can be forced to marry against their will. Mother may bring paternity suit to establish fatherhood or force him to pay for pregnancy and child expenses Family Responsibility Laws Some states require adult children to take care for elderlyparents. Parental Responsibiility for Children's Acts double click to change this title text! Emancipation means that children are freefrom the legal control and custody of their parents. Honor Pledge:Our group did notcopy from someoneelse. Education Discipline Paternity Earnings and Employement Responsibilities Between Parents and Children Parents and Children Parents and Children Parents have legal duty to protect and supervise their children's health Parents may decide what is best for their children as longas they do not abuse or neglect their children. State laws governat which age a which a child maybe left alone in the home. Parents have right to supervise their children. Children have legal obligation to obey their parents and follow reasonable rules. Parents who use unreasonable treatment to discipline can be charged with child abuse. Parents have legal right to take earningsof their minor child Almost all states hold parents liable for certain acts of minor children.Parents encouraging lawbreaking are considered contributing to delinquency of a minor. Family Car Doctrinemakes parents responsible for damages causedby any driver in the family BY: Charlene Velasco
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