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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Responsibilities between Parents and Children Children and children must attend school according to their regulations to their state, if theydon't it could result inparent being fined or jailed Neglect is also consideredchild abuse. Neglect is when the parent does not provide the basic necessities of life to the child. it can be mental and sexual abuse to the child. Discipline Child Abuse Parents are legally responsible forchildren in many ways parents are alsorequired to provide food,clothing, shelter, education and medical care Emancipation is usually at theage of 18 unless the child is petitioned for emancipationat a younger age if the caregiver of the child is guilty of any of these typesof abuses, they willbe charged to the fullest extent of the law. Discipline and Child Abuse Both parents arelegally responsiblefor the child. If oneparent decides not totake care of the child they will be taken to court and will have to be forced to pay expenses for the child The child of theparent has the obligation to obey the parentunless it is harmfulto their health or illegal In some states there are laws that require the son/daughter to take care of their elderly parent If child chooses to continually disobey or runaway from home they will becharged as a status offender a parent has the right to disciplinetheir child to an extent. double click to change this title text! Parents Parents must provide moraland social developmentplus control their child's behavior a parent may decidewhats best for their child as long as they don'tneglect or abuse them Child abuse isn't just beating and leaving visible marks on a child One the child is emancipatedthey are free from legal control of their parentsand become adults. Paternity Support Emancipation Education Care Family responsibly laws
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