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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Drug Abuse *resources here Abuse Prescription FROM NOW UNTIL 2099, WORLD DRUG ABUSE RATES WILL GROW ABOUT 97% Perscription drug abuse is on the rise. In modern day,approximately 2.4 million Americans are currentlyabusing perscription drugs alone. Soon, the addictionsand abuse will spreadworldwide if the issue is notproperly taken care of. By 2032, the abuse has started to spread. American smugglers brought their bad habits into the European country. Now, Europeansare exploring the world of pescription drug abuse. By 2056, the abuse has spread into most of Asia. By this time, highlyaddictive pain killers such as morphine and oxycontin have been legalized. They were legalized becausetoo many people were abusing it and it went far too out of control. In 2069, only Africa, South America, and the penguinsin Antarctica are safe from the widespread drug abuse epidemic.Australia has justfallen victim as foreign drugs were smuggled into the countryby travelers. By 2078, 78% of the worlds populationhas been wiped out due to drug abuse.New experimental drugs have beencreated, and they have devestatingeffects. But, because of the addiction,people can't stop taking the drugs. In 2086, Africa has now fallen to the epidemic. The worldas we know it is over as 86% of the worlds population hasdeceased. It's a fight for survival in the apocolyptic world. By 2099, 97% of the worlds population is dead.The only safe place is Antarctica. But, manypeople die due to hypothermia since much of modern technology has failed to improve. Theonly survivors are the scientists living in Antarctica, the Escimos, and the penguins.
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