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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] Healthy Behaviors Good Nutririon Good Hydration Physical Activity Stress Management Good Sleeping Habits Daily Supplements Limiting Alchahol Yearly Doctor Checkup Good Surroundings Don't Smoke Doing some kind of physical activity every day can relieve stress and maintain a good body weight. Also, exercising can be good for joints and decrease health problems in the future such as, heart problems, lung problems, and joint problems. A good nutrition is the keyto being healthy. Eating the right amount of nutrients need on a daily basis will prevent getting sick and prevent extra weight. Drinking water helpsmaintain a good body weight. Drinking soda and other beverages turns teethyellow and adds extra body weight. Stress triggers a chemical used for survival that will shorten your life as a long term problem. Learning how to contain stress can be good for your mental and physical future. So dont stress you'll make a mess. A human body needs 7 to 10 hours of sleep per night. The amount of sleep you get every night indicates your energy level which indicates how awake and alert you are, also having more sleep can help you maintain a healthy body weight. Daily supplements can give you extra nutrients that your body needs, and to do this daily is a very healthy thing to do for your body. Alcohol causes people to into heal properly and you can get heart and lung problems from drinking it, alcohol isn't the best thing to be drinking so drink water instead. Going to the doctor is a good thing to do because knowing what's wrong with your body is a good thing and if you catch a problem fast there are treatments to the problem, also getting immunizations is a good thing because it can help prevent diseases. Surrounding yourself with good people will put you in a good mood, and overall it is a good thing to be put in good surroundings, putting yourself in good surrounding will prevent mental illnesses. Smoking can cause lung cancer and mouth cancer, it can also cause a shorter life smoking is not a good thing and it is very addictive.
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