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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Parents and Children double click to change this title text! Responsibilities between parents and children Parents must provide allnecessities of life.Social and moral developmentmust control and supervise theirchildren's behavior. Paternity Support Must support their children with all of the following, life,food,clothing,shelter,education,and medical care Emancipation Parents are not usually requiredto give financial support to an adult child.Responsibility ends once the childis emancipated. Family responsibility laws Some states force adult children to care for their elderly parents. Education Parents can choose what education they want for their kids.Parents are responsibly for children's truancy. Medical Care Parents must protect and supervise their children health.Children need parents permissionto obtain medical care. Care and Supervision Can not abuse and neglect the child.There is no requirement for time spent with child. Discipline Parents have the right and dutyto supervise and discipline their children.Children have the legal obligationto obey their parents. Parental Responsibility for Children's Acts Law forces parents to supporttheir children even if they arenot married.blood test often help to determine parents. Can be held legally responsiblefor not supervising their child. Earnings and Employment Parents have the legal right to take earnings from their minor. Child Abuse and Neglect Occurs whenever any adult or olderinflicts or threatens to inflict harm. Sexual abuse Sexual abuse is any any sexual contact at all is sexual abuse.
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