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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tapas Mini Chiles RellenosOur fresh miniature Jalapeno Pepper stuffed with cow meat and grilled to perfection Q 5.25 TaquitosOur fried tortillas stuffed with our choice of meat and veggies. Q 5.75 Albondigas3 meatballs served with our secret sause.Can choose which meat is used. Chicken, pig, or cow! Q 7.50 Plato Principal Guatemala Cusine Salad used to celebrate all kinds of holidays. Salad varies in which food in included, so make your own, or try ours! Q 15.50 Pepian Made from bread crumbs, tomatoes, chillies with a farm grown chicken or pork Q 13.98 Kaq Ik Traditional turkey dish baked in chicken broth. It's served with a side of tomatoes and baked potatoes.It's like a tiny Thanksgiving all on one plate! Q 14.56 Churrasco A big juicy t-boned steak accompanied with fried potatoes, guaccomte, and grilled green onions Q 17.50 Elotes Corn with your choice of boiled or roasted.After being cooked or boiled, it's smeared in mayo,topped with cheese, salt, lime juice, and chili powder. It's a meal to die for! Q 20.50 Postre Bunuelous These tiny delights are fantastic for a snack.The dough is fried and sprinkled with brown sugar, to add some flavor. They also come with our homemade syrup on the side.This is a desert you can't pass up on! Q 4.25 Borracho Light sponge cake literally covered in sugar. Made from sugar cane, this cake is the sweetest thing you could find! Q 8.00 Rellenitos de Platano A cooked banana filled with black bean paste.May sound strange, but it's flavor makes up for it! Q 5.75 Un pequeño Café
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