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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Diversity Like any person that has to deal with racism I would address where it's coming from and try to see how i can fix it. If someday doesn't like me because of my color that's probably because that's how they were raised and i would have to respect that but i would let them know that just because they don't like another race you can't not disrespect me. We don't have to be the best of friends but in today's society you're going to have to work with people outside your race so you just have to find out how you're going to do it without causing problems with each other. double click to change this title text! The way I reacted to the situation is that any woman can work just as good as any man, if she is qualified to work then she should be able to.if somebody were to not hire me for a job that i worked hard to be able to do i would press charges like the last woman was saying. Or I would have him sent to jail. If I was in the black mans shoes i would feel hurt to know there is still some racism in today's society that heavenly, and if i were him I would try to ignore that lady and do what makes me happy. If i wanted to be with a white woman for the rest of my life then that's what i'm going to do. Everybody isn't going to be okay with a interracial family but we have to learn to work through that just like people aren't going to be okay with gay families. If I had to deal with telling my friends i was gay it would be really hard to do because i don't know how they are going to look at me after, but i know if they are my real friends they will eventually get over it..
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