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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Description Amirah Nain 13091281Lyndon Reeve 11069181 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources Established 07/08/1964Allied health service groupsClinic by students for studentsEmphasis on peer learningInvolved in research University of Pretoria (UP)AMPATH LaboratoriesSynaxon Clinic Partnerships Services Provided Daspoort PolyclinicNGO ConsultationsPreventative care (screening tests, immunisations)Ante- and postnatal careLaboratory and special investigationsHealth education sessionsAllied health service Target Group Any patientsCHW community visits Volumes Patients per annum4810 (for the last quarter of 2013)Students per annum Plans: - Training centre- Interdisciplinary learning facility- Expansion- COPC- Community involvement Budget, funds, fund-raising plans Identification of new clients Training and supervision of CHW - 8 CHW- Involvement of medical LCAS students- Employed health professional Payment/ stipend Quality of care/activities Transport/supply needs Strengths - Electronic system- Adequate resources- Multidisciplinary approach - - Good referral system- Training centre- Community involvement Challenges and plans 1. Limited staff2. Limited space3. Financial restraints4. Emergency transport5. Shortage of medication 6. Training of personnel required to use electronic database 1. Hire new staff2. Expansion3. New partnership/ sponsorship4. Employ partnership transportation system5. Stock-taking, medication dispense/renewal checklist6. More user-friendly electronic system
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