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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Eygptian Animal Symbolism Today, we still use cats to get rid ofof pests like rats and mice. However, we do not worship cats like the Egyptians. We treat them as pets. Today, falcons are generally usedused for hunting small mammals such as rabbits and squirrels. Also, falcons are no longer worshipedas one of god's sacred animals. They are mainly viewed as an animal used for falconry. Today, crocodiles are one of the most fearedpredators on the planet. They are responsible forhundreds of human deaths each year. Humans hunt crocodiles for their skin to makethings such as handbags and shoes. Today, some species of jackalare in danger of extinction becauseof poachers. Instead of being respectedas they were in Egyptian times,many humans view jackalsas pests and kill them. In Egyptian times, cats were common in Egyptian households and used to keep the rodent population down near areas of stored food. Cats were believed to be sacred and worthy of religious worship. One of the Egyptian goddesses, Bast, was modeled after a domesticated catand seen as a protector. In Egyptian times, falcons were birds of prey thatresided along the Nile River. Falcons were associated with kings because the king of the gods, Horus, was depicted with the head of a falcon . He was said to have falcon like qualities.Also, the falcon was seen as a symbol of thesky and an all seeing presence. In Egyptian times, crocodiles were seenas the sacred creatures of the crocodile God, Sobek. Sobek was patron God of the Egyptian army because of his aggressive nature. In some parts of Egypt, crocodiles were worshiped as theembodiment of the god himself. In Egyptian times, jackals could usually be found wandering near cemeteries. Because of this fact, it was associated with the god of death, Anubis. Jackals were seen as a protecter of the dead. How animals were treated in Egyptian times How animals are treated now
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