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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1839 1904 To Live Life, a Little, Dangerously. The Tata group ventured intonew areas and built on the foundations, in spite of the restrains imposed by a controlled economy. Today, the group boasts of being the founder of projects like Tata Steel, the Indian Institute of Science, the Tata Power Company Limited, the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower,the Tata Institute of FundamentalResearch and many more. Courage Obedience -Setting up and Iron & Steel Industry-A world class learning institution-A unique Hotel-A hydro-electric plant Jan 1, 1877- the dayQueen Victoria was proclaimedEmpress of India, Jamsetji Tata renamed his mill as Empress Mills situated at Nagpur In 1907, The Tata Iron Steel Companywas established toset up India's firststeel plant at Jamshedpur.The plan startedproduction in 1912 A pioneer of his field,the vision and aim of Jamsetji Tata cameto life with time as his family gave wings to each of his dream projects. 1910- The first of thethree Tata Electric companies, The Tata Hydro-Electric Power Supply Company was set up.Both the companies merged as one in the year 2000 1911- Indian Institute of Science was established in Bangalore. The Tata Group was succeeded by his two sons, Dorabji Tata and Ratanji Tata. One of themost affluent, prosperous and well-to-doorganizations, the Tata Group is today amongst the largestand most respected companies of the world. The legendary Indian, who first dreamt of 'Make in India', despite the hostile environment of a colonised India, and who is formerly known as "Jamsetji Tata"-The Father of Indian Industry. His Four Goals: double click to change this title text! Jamsetji Tata 1868- he started a trading company with a capital of Rs. 21,000. The Taj Mahal Hotel came into existence on 3 December, 1903The hotel became a reality during his life time. Jamsetji Tata breathed his last on May 19, 1904. He was the sole inspiration behind a group that today is one of the biggest industries of not only India but of the world also. Gideon listened to Godno matter how crazy His requests are... 1912- Tata steel introduces eight-hour working days, well before such a system wasintroduced by law in much of the west. In 1917-The Tatas enterthe consumer goods industry, with the Tata Oil Mills Company being established to make soaps, detergents and cooking oils.
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