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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CHARACTERS IN DEATH AND THE MAIDEN CHARACTERS IN DEATH AND THE MAIDEN RELATIONSHIPS BACKGROUND ITEM NO. 003 BACKGROUND Doctor Miranda. Enters the play as he helps Gerardo with his flat tire by driving him home. He returns in the middle of the night making him suspicious Accused to be Paulina's torturer.Tension between both characters. He is tied up by Paulina yet Gerardo forms friendly & loyal relationship to help him (even though they are strangers) PAULINA SALAS GERARDO ESCOBAR ROBERTO Raped by men 17 years ago while the "Death and the Maiden" quartet by Schubert played in the background POWER Power struggle with Gerardo. Powerless when Paulina is in control with the gun - she ties him up. She forces him to confess POWER CHARACTERISTICS He has typical idiosyncrasies & listens to Schubert (similar to the torturer Paulina claims him to be)Very suspicious & over-bearable character that would perhaps be capable of the accusations made by Paulina. Audience needs to remain suspicious for the ambiguous ending RELATIONSHIPS Married to GerardoInferior to Gerardo (but wishes for powerVery loyal to Gerardo - does not cheat & still loves him after he cheated on her RELATIONSHIPS CHARACTERISTICS BACKGROUND POWER Greater power over Paulina (whenshe does not have the gun) - he speaks more and has greater control in relationship. Stuck in between Paulina and Roberto as the truth is ambiguous. Power struggle with Roberto Married to Paulina. However he cheated on her with another woman while she was missing. Not loyal to her- he lies to her which sets the basis of their relationship - lack of trust.He cannot truly understandPaulina as he has never been through her experiences Human rights lawyer. The play begins just hours after Gerardo has been appointed head of the new, democratically elected governments Truth and Reconciliation Commission She doesn't coup with the situation.She doesn't trust other people. Insecure - she can't function as she hasn't faced her past -and scared (she uses the gun for security e.g. she grabbed the gun when she heard a car approaching as she knows that even in countries that are no longer dictator-ships, fascists sometimes visit the isolated homes of human rights lawyers on stormy nights). She feels safe with Gerardo. She has a loss of identity &struggles to form her own opinionsMental instability - allows her to becapable of her actions in the playHer character changes during play CHARACTERISTICS Most forgiving character - he has never suffered.He remains unchanged in play - he hasn't changed his views of the commission even though Paulina tried (does not listen to her). He is dishonest REPRESENTATION Has no power. She gains power when she is in control of the gun. She steps out of the stereotypical role of a woman. Power struggle with Gerardo REPRESENTATION REPRESENTATION Roberto represents the urgency to face the past. He appears at the house in the middle of the nightand forces Paulina to face her past Gerardo represents the government and the lack of emotion towards the victims Paulina represents the tortured victims of the post-dictatorship that are left voiceless and powerlessand the current state of the country (fragile, broken, living in past)She represents dysfunctional society, the impact of the past and the impact of a post-dictatorship - ignorance from society/government (Gerardo). Dorfman uses Paulina to highlight the need of communication & acknowledgement to move on from the past. The lack of ambiguity of her character highlights the lack of acknowledgement.
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